Revanced Youtube

ReVanced YouTube is a Third Party Enhanced version of Youtube Android App. which offers Background Playback of YT Video with Ad-Free content, Sponsor Block, Return YouTube Dislike and many more.

Version 18.19.35

YouTube Vanced was a popular app that allowed users to watch YouTube videos without ads and with additional features such as background playback. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available. However, there are other apps that offer similar features and even better experiences. One of the most anticipated alternatives is the YouTube ReVanced APK. While it’s still in the early stages of development, it offers many of the same features as YouTube Vanced and has some impressive updates to maintain the legacy of Vanced. In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the YouTube ReVanced app.
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What Is ReVanced YouTube APK?

YouTube ReVanced is a free version of YouTube that has been customized to replace the YouTube Vanced app. It has features that are similar to Vanced, plus some additional modes. There’s also a feature called ReVanced Music that allows you to stream your favorite music genre, just like you would with YouTube Music Premium. But it’s important to note that ReVanced is still in the early stages of development and isn’t yet available as an APK. Instead, you can use a builder to create your own version of the app.

Name ReVanced
Size 139 MB
Version 18.19.35
Developer oSumAtrIXX
Android 5.0+
Updated on June 07, 2023

Download YouTube ReVanced APK and Magisk Module for Android

YouTube ReVanced comes with a wide range of features that are similar to its predecessor, YouTube Vanced. For instance, you can listen to music in the background while using other apps, view the dislike count on YouTube again, adjust playback speed to your liking, block ads, and skip sponsored segments, among other exciting features. Although there are many YouTube alternatives out there, ReVanced APK has gained a lot of attention for providing users with basic YouTube Premium features and an amazing streaming experience thanks to the various patches that have been added.

It’s important to note that to install the ReVanced module on your rooted Android device, you will need to have the Magisk module framework installed as well.

APK File Details

APK file will work on all android device with the help of MicroG App

  • Easy to Install
  • No technical knowledge required.
  • MicroG need to be installed before ReVanced files.
  • If you receive an error, please uninstall the old version before installing the below APK.
  • The Extended compiled by NoName-exe
  • The General compiled by j-hc
  • Please read FAQs below for more info.


App Info

Name ReVanced MicroG
Size 11.64 MB
Developer inotia00
Updated on Aug 26, 2023

If you prefer not to use our APKs, you have another option. You can create your own official version of the YouTube ReVanced APK by following the steps we’ve provided. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of the ReVanced Manager to create your own app quickly and easily.

How We Built This YouTube ReVanced APK?

Building the ReVanced APK is not as simple as just downloading and installing the official APK directly onto your Android device. However, by following a few easy steps, you can create your own version of the ReVanced APK quickly. To do this, we used the ReVanced Builder by reisxd.

First, you need to download Termux, an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that functions directly without rooting your device. You can download the latest version of Termux from F-Droid. After downloading Termux, run the following commands:

curl -sLo

chmod +x


Once you have the builder installed, it should start installing on your device. You then need to select the app you want to patch, which in this case is YouTube.

After that, you need to wait for the software to download the dependencies and, finally, the application itself. You can find the APK files in the internal storage of your phone. If you want to run it in the future, you can simply run ./ again.

If you need to update it, use ./ update,

and if you need to reinstall it, use ./ reinstall. These two commands do different things.

If you want to see other available commands, use ./ help.


It Can Be Used As Secondary YouTube

Revanced can serve as a secondary YouTube app on your Android device, like YouTube Vanced, and can be downloaded unless you prefer to delete the original YouTube app. This feature allows users to switch back to the old version if the new Revanced app needs debugging.

Works on Both Root and Non-Root Devices

Revanced can be installed on both rooted and non-rooted devices. However, building your own Revanced APK may not sound fun, and some users believe that such processes are meant specifically for rooted devices, which is not the case with YouTube Revanced.

Disabled Ads

Revanced allows users to disable general and video ads on the platform, which enhances the user experience by providing seamless streaming without interruptions.

Background Play

Background Play lets you watch a YouTube video and browse through other apps simultaneously without splitting your screen, allowing you to focus on other tasks while listening to the video on a minimized floating screen.

Custom Branding

Custom-branding lets you change the YouTube launcher icon and name to your preference in the Revanced app, giving you full control over the interface and allowing you to create your preferred platform.

Supports MicroG 

Revanced supports MicroG, allowing you to log into your Google account and access all your YouTube preferences, channels, and liked videos without using the original application.

Premium Heading 

Revanced displays the premium branding for YouTube Premium users, making it impossible to differentiate between Revanced and the original YouTube Premium subscription unless you customize the homepage’s branding.

Hide Creator Watermark

The Hide Creator’s Watermark feature automatically hides the branding watermark that creators add to their videos, giving you a full-angle view of the video without any overlaying logo.

Remove Full Screen Panels in Revanced

The Hide The Remove Full-Screen Panels feature lets you disable the video description and comments panel in fullscreen view, providing uninterrupted and full-view streaming.

Hide – Get – Premium with ReVanced

With the Hide-Get-Premium feature, the “Get Premium” splash screen that appears when you open the app can be hidden inside the Revanced app.


The Sponsorblock feature lets you skip sponsored segments on every video on the platform, reducing time wasted on promotional content before the relevant content starts.

Return YouTube Dislike

The Return YouTube Dislike feature lets you reverse YouTube’s removal of the public dislike count from all videos on the platform, allowing you to see the number of dislikes and know the public’s opinion on a video.

Auto-Repeate By Default

Autorepeat-By-Default allows you to automatically repeat a video after it finishes playing, saving time and effort in having to replay the video manually.

What Is the Difference Between Vanced and Revanced?

Vanced Revanced
Limited customization Incorporates custom-branding
Default Playback Speed Custom Playback Speed
YouTube shorts are permanent You can disable shorts
“Get Premium” splash screen appears Hide-Get-Premium splash screen
The Creator watermark is permanent You can hide the creator watermark
Excludes the premium branding for YouTube Premium accounts Includes the premium branding for YouTube Premium accounts

How to Install ReVanced YouTube APK on Android?

Regardless of whether an Android device is rooted or non-rooted, an APK can be installed on it. However, the only requirement to access your Google account is to have MicroG installed.

Step 1. Download the MicroG APK file first.

Step 2. Now, Tap on the MicroG APK file and allow this source option.

Step 3. Tap on the install and done button.


Step 4. Download Revanced YouTube APK file from the above.

Step 5. Now, Tap on the APK file.

Step 6. Tap on the Install.

Step 7. Tap on the open.

Now, go to the account option and log in with Gmail to get your account on this client.

How to Install YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module on Rooted Android?

With this Magisk Module, it becomes possible to install ReVanced YouTube on a system level, enabling the App to access Google Accounts that are linked to Google Play services.

Step 1. Download ReVanced YouTube Magisk Module from the above section.

Step 2. Open the Magisk app.

Step 3. Now, Tap on Modules which is at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 4. Tap on the Install from Storage option.

Step 5. It will open your phone’s storage. Please navigate to the downloaded .zip file and tap on it.

Step 6. Now, you can see the Flashing screen. Just wait until you see the reboot button.

Step 7. Go back.

Step 8. Download MinDetach Magisk Module and flash it by following steps 3 to 6.

MinDetach module basically detaches YouTube/Music from the Google Play store. This avoids auto-updating. Recommend flashing this module.

Step 9. Reboot.


Final World

Although it may not be flawless at the moment, the Revanced APK shows great potential for YouTube users in the future. Although creating an app can be a challenging process, the benefits are well worth the effort. Once you’ve installed the Revanced APK on your device, you’ll never want to go back to the limited features of basic YouTube subscriptions.